Finding the Beauty in Nature

Have you ever been in a space where you just feel free? Where your soul feels at peace just to be present?

This is how I have always felt about the beach. Either by listening to the waves against the shore, the sea birds calling to each other, ocean life showing itself in unique ways full of wonder.

Finding any treasure washed up from the sea is a joy, but simply being able to see the beauty in the Ocean itself and all the power it has on our environment.

I took the picture below two days ago. It was grey, cold & windy and downright NOT Florida weather. I was a bit irritated by my lack of preparedness for forgetting to bring long pants and thicker hooded jacket with me to visit a friend.

Kathryn Hanna Park March 5th.

Then I took this photo.

It’s not particularly stunning with its grey on grey tones. It doesn’t necessarily inspire or create Awe. Some would describe it as blah or somewhat boring.

This is what I saw once it really looked at the water…

There are 3 separately formed waves in this photo with multiple beginnings happening in the background.

A beginning, middle & end, with multiple chances to remake the story with each new succession of waves.

However, as each wave ends, it slides back under the next oncoming wave to recycle what it has drawn from the beach into the ocean.

It is always recreating. It is always moving. It is always changing.

Listening to it makes me stop, breathe deep, and appreciate all my senses. I can clear my mind, process questions, or do nothing more than sit and continue to breathe in & out.

The Beauty of Nature is that no matter what mood it personifies, there is beauty in the creation. ❤

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This is my story of how the love of family, friends, the peacefulness of the Beach and a little piece of forgotten glass thrown away so many years ago helped me to find a joy & purpose again; how I found a love of life and living again after many years in the darkness of Chronic illness, Depression and Loss.

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