Legend Of Mermaid Tears

Shades of Blue with various aging of glass. From super smooth and frosted to a few sharp edges from tumbling, these pieces have been riding through the currents.

*Mermaid Tears*

**Sparkling Gems of Love in Unlimited Magical Colours to soothe the Hearts of all who find them**


Legend tells of a Mermaid who came to love a Ship’s Captain. One day, the Mermaid watched the Captain and his ship enter a huge ocean storm. Using the power Mermaid’s have over the seas, she calmed the storm to save the Captain’s life.

However, Neptune, God of the Sea, had forbid Mermaids to use this power interfere with humankind. As punishment, Neptune banished the Mermaid to the bottom of the ocean, never to be allowed near her Captain again.

It is said that her tears wash ashore as glass gems in magical mermaid colours. The colour of these gems is said to reflect the colour of the Mermaid’s tails.


Sea Glass Chakra Colours

How sad this Folklore is, but many Folklore do come as sad tales of lost loves.

It is a reminder to us to live, take chances and open our hearts to the world, for it can be lost.

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This is my story of how the love of family, friends, the peacefulness of the Beach and a little piece of forgotten glass thrown away so many years ago helped me to find a joy & purpose again; how I found a love of life and living again after many years in the darkness of Chronic illness, Depression and Loss.

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