When I’ve had Enough loss and despair to bring me to my knees, Enough self-loathing & Self-deprecating humor to distort what my eyes could clearly see.

When I’ve had enough of the tears, the Heartbreak and the pain, of what the “Old Me” felt responsible to feel like a cold torrential rain.

I’ve had enough trauma to find that deep dark well, where I stayed far long enough to stew in my own personal Hell. Enough of the toxic energy that made me sicker still.

I’ve had enough disrespect to learn my patience and understanding is rare, a treasure to be cherished, not tossed side as a spare.

I am finding enough good in the days to outweigh any bad.  I will use what I was blessed with, and celebrate all my life has had. I’ve known true love, family & friendship, all heroes in my eyes, as they could see in me, what my mind, for so long, disguised.

I know I am enough, I work hard at it Every Single Day, I keep moving forward and count my blessings in so many ways.

Published by eastcoastseagems

This is my story of how the love of family, friends, the peacefulness of the Beach and a little piece of forgotten glass thrown away so many years ago helped me to find a joy & purpose again; how I found a love of life and living again after many years in the darkness of Chronic illness, Depression and Loss.

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